Au Nain Bleu 's Doll Collection 

The first model of the current doll dates back to the 5th century, however its only in the 19th century that the industrial manufacturing of dolls started, replacing traditional craftsmanship. Over the years, the production of dolls improved.

Whatever its use, as a collector's item or as a child's toy, everyone remembers the famous Bleuette doll, the Maison Bru, Maison Steiner,..., the SFBJ Babies,

the Bébé Jumeau, or the Baigneur Petoit Colin,...

Au Nain Bleu has always valued its dolls. Today we offer a range of beautiful models to inspire creativity and develop imagination, while supporting authentic brands, and the last few French manufacturers.

Au Nain Bleu offers a wide selection of dolls : rigid, articulated, soft bodies, Ecolo doll, different ethnicities, in different sizes and materials, as well as outfits crafted by us. 

Our dolls will please both the younger ones, and the plangonologists.